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Corona is the only keyword that's ruling every search engine and news portal. I would be lying if I said I'm not curious about the things happening in and around the world. At the same time, I'm equally worried about the future after this corona pandemic.

The cureless coronavirus now speeded to almost every country and making our life's challenging to live on the human's only planet. India is slowly entering phase 3 with the 149 death tolls and 5194 positive cases to date.

My company's Social Media Team prepared 6 Tips of precautions that can keep us safe from this deadly virus COVID-19. Take a look. Here you go.

I quarantined myself from March 23rd, which is the wisest thing to do right now to save ourselves and our country. More than the spread of Coronavirus, what is making me nervous is its possible impact on the Business Industry.

Let's see the possible impact of Coronavirus on the Business Industry.

Impact of Corona Virus on the business Industry

Several industries like Textile, Automobiles, Pharmaceuticals, fertilizers Mobile industries have a direct supply chain from chinese companies. Due to the partial lockdown in china, these companies will see a significant loss in their economy.

Any disruption in the supply over the long-term could have far-reaching economic consequences for India as well as the other countries. All this together could further worsen the recovery in industrial production over the near future.

At the moment, there are mixed opinions about the kind of ripple effects that are going to happen. This global health crisis is going to have an impact on every business industries.

Drop-in E-Commerce product sales

Worlds biggest E-commerce gaint Ali Baba shut down its few operations from Feb due to the outbreak of Coronavirus. Essential product orders are getting delivered from Ali baba.

Not only Ali baba, every E-commerce company like Amazon, Flipkart, getting orders for essential products like Nose Masks, gloves, sanitizers, face masks, etc. Now the services from these companies are not available in many country.

E-Commerce companies are running in loss because of the coronavirus outbreak. This loss may lead to a recession in E-commerce companies.

Change in Google Rankings

There is a massive change in SEO rankings. It became challenging to rank any keyword during this pandemic. Every search engines like Google, Bing, MSN, etc. getting a high number of keywords related to COVID-19 Virus.

No other keyword is as dominating as this covid-19 related keywords. Every medical blog has min 10-15 articles, each similar to CoronaVirus.

These are a few corona related keywords that ruling search engines.

  • How long can the Coronavirus live on surfaces?
  • Is Coronavirus is an Airbone?
  • What are coronavirus symptoms?
  • Can I still touch my face and avoid the Coronavirus?
  • Where can I find a coronavirus map?
  • What kills the Coronavirus?
  • Where can I get tested for Coronavirus?
  • Precautions for CoronaVirus
  • Corona Virus Deaths in Italy
  • Pandemic vs Epidemic

Un-Imaginable Recession

Recession is what that is worrying me more than anything else. I still remember the Satyam recession , which happened in the year 2009. At the same time, the USA suffered from a great recession. This even created a mini global downturn. I was in 10th class but seen many engineers losing their jobs. Luckily this recession effects only few countries, but now It's going to be huge because what coming for us is a global recession.

Any recession, even a small downturn, could ultimately hurt every small and big industry. While the virus is something to be concerned and careful about, arguably, the more significant problem right now is the fear and uncertainty it's causing.

Markets and buying decisions. After more than a couple months of this, and the prospect of diminished consumer and business spending, the global economy will suffer mightily.

Events are cancelled or likely to be postponed

Many events planned from January to April already started to be cancelled or postponed. Out of all events most notable event "Mobile World Congress (MWC)", which is all set to take place February 24-27 in Barcelona, was cancelled due to coronavirus outbreak.

Several companies rescheduled their events because they planned to attend MWC, but the continues presence of the coronavirus led others to cancel them entirely. The most awaited event from the Facebook "F8 Developer Conference" was no longer taking place this year.

Google's cloud Next Event and IBM Developer's conference are conducting their activities online. According to estimates from PredictHQ, altogether, the cancellation of major tech events has incurred over $1 billion in direct economic losses.

Final Words

Keeping in mind that this situation is first a humanitarian issue, helping customers & thinking about the public interest should be the priority of brands.

On that note I'm bringing this article to an end, I hope this was informative for you & helped open new perspectives towards the pandemic COVID- 19 & its impacts on the digital marketing industry.

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Urs Vishnu

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