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The motive of Urs Vishnu blog

My only purpose of starting this blog is to guide you on the right path of Digital Marketing. I have seen many students are wrongly motivated on digital marketing by some fake gurus' saying earn 1Lakh per month by doing digital marketing.

We don't get 1Lakh per month until unless we have an outstanding experience and incredible knowledge on Digital Marketing. To achieve that, ft. you should min have 5 years experience in all branches of Digital Marketing.

In this Digital Marketing blog, I'm going to discuss everything about all branches of Digital Marketing. Especially about Blogging, because Blogging is going to help you get a job in Digital Marketing.

I hope my blogging website will help you with your Digital Marketing Journey.


Blogging Expert from Visakhapatnam

Hello Everyone. My self Urs Vishnu Designer by Passion, Digital Marketer by Profession and a Blogger by choice. I'm very passionate about blogging, not because it is my expert area, but I feel immense pride while making a blog article which educates you and guides you on the right path.

I'm one of the blogging expert from Visakhapatnam who can make blogging looks comfortable without any complication. I can't entirely agree with those gurus who say you can earn lakhs of money with blogging. You can earn money through blogging, but it takes min 6-8 months.

If you need any guidance on Blogging or Digital Marketing, You can book my consultation, which is just 1000/- for insightful 45mins of your blogging career.

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Testimonials to Urs Vishnu


I just had a basic knowledge of Digital Marketing. And being trained by Vishnu is more of insightful learning/teaching than just learning/teaching existing concepts, which driven me to work and explore more things. Also, his instruction helped me to widen my view on Digital Marketing. He’s passionate about the subject, and that makes the difference. Finally, thanks for helping me start my 1st blog.


GITAM Collage Student

Once I have attended a social media summit, and there I have seen his creative presentation with many eye-catchy images, and his presentation slides were easily understandable. His works are outstanding, I'm always excited to see his creatives posts. I read his blogs regularly, which are very informative, and the best part is he still keeps the content clear and crisp. He helps and supports other digital marketers, too, in chasing their goals. He has a fantastic personality within and out.


Digital Marketing Intern

Vishnu is the best person that I have ever met. Since from DMD2K18, I know him. He is doing a great job in the digital marketing industry. I love his design work, too, a very passionate and very hard-working, soft-spoken, and kind-hearted person. And Please stay the same. Love you, buddy, and Keep Rocking.


CEO, Digi Wale Babu

Vishnu one of the best Dedicated & skilled Digital marketers in the city of Visakhapatnam. For a Marketer, persistence is the most important factor when coming to this field. I have once shared a stage with him when invited for a Digital Marketing Seminar and from then on I totally clung onto him. Apart from that, he's a creative designer too. He's the one whom I could always count on whenever I need some assistance. I want him to reach great heights and achieve massive success in the field of Digital Marketing.


CEO - Funnel Medium

Sir, E-Commerce Classes, are extremely Good. The way of presentation is Top class. Learners from Rural education also could learn so much from his Lectures. They are all Very Happy with these Classes. Thank You for your time, Vishnu, sir.


AP Skill Development Coordinator

I Know Vishnu Very well from his childhood. As I know his skill, I decided to give my Business Card and Logo Design for his startup. As expected, he gave me the two best Business card designs and three different types of Logo designs with the best quality.

Rajesh Patnaik

Md - SMM Interiors
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