Positive Impact of Corona Virus on Digital Marketing.

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I think we no longer needed much information regarding corona. We already aware of it through many sources. Government and public health officials taking aggressive action to slow down the spread of the coronavirus. Government officials identified Redzones and Cluster zones all our country.

We all are in self-Isolation, working from home, and anxious about the future might hold; the fact is that coronavirus has already affected us in some way, shape, or form.

I really don't want to contribute any negative literature on the topic in which we are going to discuss. The facts are pretty bleak; however, we are in the mid of this crisis; it seems that people have been turning to social media for a sense of community because it is the only medium left to communicate.

So let me take the liberty to explain the positive impact of Corona Virus on Digital Marketing.

The positive impact of Corona Virus on Digital Marketing

In the previous article, we have discussed the Corona Virus Impact on the business industry. This Cureless virus is given a massive blow to every big and small industry around the globe. All trades are in loss due to this lockdown

But the fact is there is less impact of coronavirus on the Digital Marketing Industry, which is a piece of delighted news to all digital marketers out there. One of the research says the digital marketing industry has only a 30% impact due to coronavirus.

Of course, all big digital marketing agencies lost their clients; payment has been held. Clients are not interested in investing money in their marketing strategy in this pandemic time.

In March, my company has five clients in hand, which two of them are digital marketing, and three of them are web designing. We lost three web designing clients and one digital marketing clients during this lockdown, which is a massive blow to startups entrepreneur like us. At present, we have only one Digital Marketing client in my hand.

Now the million-dollar question is how long will all of this go??? Let's get into the topic much more deep-rooted.

OTT Platforms in raise

Well, well, well. Allow me to start with this exciting topic. Let's take a moment to thank Amazon Prime, Netflix, Sunnxt, voot, and other OTT platforms for making our quarantine a bit of entertainment. We couldn't have survived if these platforms are not in use.

I have brought prime and Netflix account only for this quarantine just to get entertained with the TV Shows and movies. Infact raise in Netflix and amazon is tremendously high during this quarantine.

No business in this isolation period gained this amount of profit except the OTT Platforms. This corona profited their business raise. You may ask this question is this topic related to Digital Marketing?

Absolutely no. But the thing is OTT Platforms are using digital marketing as a medium to give updates to their viewers with their new releases. They are running ads on Facebook and instagram regarding their latest movie releases.

The craze of OTT platforms is beyond our imagination. Recently one of the big OTT Platforms approached Tamil and Telugu industry to release their upcoming movies directly into OTT Platforms with an incredible amount. It proves that viewers on OTT is no less than the viewers of TV. Few films rejected the offer, and few are in discussion. Let's see where it goes.

What content do people expecting during this pandemic?

As bloggers and content writers, we have a unique responsibility to educate our audience with the definite blog article. It helps our readers to keep them low because we all are affected by this corona outbreak.

We share a similar fear towards the future. Yes! We are not different. I sometimes feel low and keep myself stay cool. I have a responsibility to share useful articles that helps us at this very moment, and you have the same. Share a helpful meme that keeps us entertained without making us panic. We are all in this together, and we should help each other.

Let's get back to the topic. The audience needs support from Brands they love and, social media is the only possible medium to communicate with them. Our content should bring positive vibes to our readers.

Even if our customers aren't buying right now, we can still stay at the top of their minds by considering their needs and providing value in these challenging times. Content that helps to solve their most pressing problems will always be in demand: so inspiring videos, creative designs, and innovative ideas shared by your companies will help them stay grounded.

Re-Evaluating Online Marketing Strategies

We are amid in this pandemic and have no choice to go out for client pitching except staying isolated and getting in touch with clients through online mediums. Digital Marketing, which exists for more than decades, is now helping clients and agencies to review their online marketing strategies.

I have a Digital Marketing client from Chennai working on his project from the past five months. My team and I were working hard for his Facebook campaignings. Now it's time to shift the game towards other marketing objects. At first, we initially had a deal regarding Facebook marketing, but now it's time to look after other alternatives because CPC got increased due to the corona outbreak.

To stop money burning through the CPC process, I have prepared a quotation for SEO. Approached client through Zoom meeting, explained the situation and thing to do at this period. At the end of the session, I got approval from the client-side to start the SEO work ASAP. Now we began re-evaluating an Online marketing strategy for his company.

These are the first three things we have done to date.

  • We made his website content well optimized for search engines.
  • We have updated their Google My Business page with the most accurate information than before
  • We were improving their User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) to increase web traffic and online conversion

Raise in E-Commerce grocery sales

Panic buying increasing sales in e-commerce groceries. As we all know, coronavirus is transmitted disease and uncontrollable, panic buying of grocery taking place in every supermarket. Walmart recruited 2000 additional staff to control and serve their customer's needs.

Besides, as shoppers avoided retail outlets, they are shifting to online shopping to avoid the risk of catching an infection. In China, JD.com has seen an upsurge in the sales of household staples such as rice and flour.

Panic buying is putting additional pressure on the food delivery network. However, it is difficult to predict what items consumers will stock up on if the spread of the virus continues. There are many other Super Markets are now planning to make their presence online.

Of course, it's an excellent time to start Ecommerce because there are chances to extend lockdown or partially lockdown. People are not ready to face the crowd places. They may avoid it for some time. It may take months to get back to our healthy lifestyle without any fear.

So supermarket owners are not ready to lose their business, and thus they are planning to shift their game to ecommerce. Many web designing agencies already bagged some of the super marketer Ecommerce website designing projects even in this crisis.

Finding Alternatives to Live Events

As we already know that many world big conference has been cancelled due to coronavirus outbreak. Few of the big companies like Google and IBM shifted their events online. Not only big-league companies cancelled their offline activities, but many small and medium range companies are now willing to conduct their trades online.

The cancellation of trade shows and conferences means many companies have lost a significant source of leads they count on every year. However, there are still plenty of opportunities to connect with prospects online.

Here are the few things many small and medium-range companies planned and succeeded in their online activities.

  • Few companies hosted their 1st ever virtual trade show, with the help of landing page featuring gated resources such as product demos and educational content.
  • Repurposed their keynote speech as a video and shared it with everyone who planned to attend their online webinars
  • Invited conference speakers to repurpose their talk as a video or guest blog post

Many brands are already seeing success with these digital marketing strategies. If you are planning for online activity, grab this opportunity.

The Brand is still valuable

In a crisis like the Corona Virus, silence is the worst possible response. Brands should maintain and continue their relationship with their clients and customers. It plays an essential role in strengthening the relationship.

As many of us are working from home and mostly available on social media platforms, Brand's primary responsibility is to let their audience and clients know how they are working? What actions are they taking to stay safe? and how they are tracking employee's health conditions.

No matter who your customers are, they will expect to hear a proactive response from you. They'll want to know some necessary information, including

  • Whether any recent changes reshape your actions or events ?
  • How you are handling refunds if you've had extensive closures or cancellations ?
  • What they can expect from you in the weeks to come ?

The audience will always have a close eye on their favourite brands. By informing them of this sort of information and insights, you will get more respect and stay even more longer in their heart.

Final Words

If you are a digital marketing agency, E-commerce store, or software development company, then there are fewer chances that your business will face a tremendous loss. As your operations are going on, you can continuously serve your prospects. But, of course, efficiency and productivity will get affected.

Hopefully, the whole crisis will end soon, but no matter how long it takes, strengthening your online marketing efforts will minimize the risk and improve your overall position in search engine game.

If you are a digital Marketer, I'm sure you are delighted to know this information. Let me know your reaction to the emoji, which is right below this article. Don't forget to comment. I would like to know your opinions.

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