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Who is Urs Vishnu

Urs Vishnu is one of the best digital marketer in Visakhapatnam. His main strength is Graphic Designing, where he can create the best graphic designing that we have ever seen.

The motive of Urs Vishnu is to provide the best Digital Marketing Services in his city and also for his state Andhra Pradesh. He always guided and encouraged the new talents in both Web Designing and Digital Marketing Field.

Urs Vishnu has 5 years of experience in Digital Marketing, where he has done some fantastic projects for his clients and trained nearly 80+ students in Digital Marketing.


Urs Vishnu is very well known as Blogging Expert from Visakhapatnam. He shares the Secret Mantra of Blogging In his Instagram handle, which is with 800+ Followers.


Youngest Entrepreneur from Visakhapatnam

Myself P. Vishnu Vardhan AKA Urs Vishnu. I'm a designer by passion Digital Marketer by profession and an entrepreneur by choice.

As I started my Entrepreneur journey at the age of 25, I became one of the youngest entrepreneur from Visakhapatnam. In childhood, I have dreamed of owning the company. Today, I'm proud to say that I reached my goal.

I own a Startup called LIRC Digital, A Web Designing, and Digital Marketing agency based out in Visakhapatnam. My team is specializes in delivering Robust web designs for our clients. When it comes to Digital Marketing Servives, no one in the city can promise the quality service that we provide to our clients.

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Best Digital Marketing Trainer in Vizag

I have trained nearly 100+ Students in both Online and Offline. As I'm one of the Best Digital Marketing Trainer in Vizag, I got an opportunity to work with Govt of Andhra Pradesh in a program of APSSDC (Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation)

I got a chance to train nearly 50+ Students in one of the provincial government colleges SVLN Degree College near Bheemunipatnam, Visakhapatnam.

Students here in this college are passionate about learning new concepts. Digital Marketing is one of the courses that excited them to know more. I started teaching them on Dec 29th, 2019, to Feb 08th, 2020, which is 30 days programs extended due to Pongal holidays.


As per the rule written in the book, I have conducted a small assessment test. To my surprise, We got an 80% pass percentage, which made me feel proud of their performance.

Services I provide

I have a few services that I offer to my clients where I personally involved in these works. You can hire me as a freelancer for these services.


How I came to know About Blogging and Digital Marketing

It was on the 16th of June.

I'm so excited because that was the 1st day of my job in Mumbai. I don't know the language & don't know how people welcome me. I was full of excitement with more fear. But I'm enjoying every second of that moment.

After 10km of travelling in Mumbai local train, I finally reached my office destination. Oh, man! Local trains in Mumbai is soo sick. But that was my only option for the best savings.

I have received a warm welcome from my office mates within 20 mins we have done with joining procedures. I got a team to work with, and friends to talk, luckily my Team Lead is from my city. That was the best relief.

I had a great day in the office. Travelling back to my room. Thank god! I got a seat beside a young Japanese girl. After 10 mins She started a conversation with me saying Hey! Good Evening, how was your day? I replied, Great. It was the 1st day of my job went very well. She smiles and said mine too.

She said I'm a Digital Marketer, and what about you? I replied, I'm a Junior Technical Engineer. She started telling me about Digital Marketing. That was the 1st time I heard about Digital Marketing. She introduced SEO, Blogging, and Google ads. I don't even know any of these teams, but she made me feel curious and more knowledgeable about Digital marketing.

Sadly our station arrived, and we bid goodbye to each other. I started exploring digital marketing on the internet that night. After six months, I left my job and began my journey in Digital Marketing. One day, I was accidentally landing in the soravjain free digital marketing course. That was the 2nd turning point of my life.

It almost took me four years to reach an expert area from learning the concepts of Digital Marketing. All thanks to Akira, I can never forget her in any phase of my life.

Companies I worked with

Securens System Pvt Ltd

Job Title: Jr Technical Engineer

Period: Jun 15th, 2015, to Aug 18th, 2015

Experience: 3 Months

Veda Instruments

Job Title: Technical and Site Engineer

Period: Jan 09th, 2016, to Jul 7th, 2016

Experience: 7 Months

Gurujada IT Solutions

Job Title: Business Development Manager

Period: Jul 09th, 2016, to Jul 10th, 2017

Experience: 1 year

Dhunis Technologies

Job Title: Digital Marketing Executive

Period: Aug 27th, 2018, to mar 24th, 2019

Experience: 7 Months

Some of My Proud Skills

Digital Marketing Skills

Facebook Marketing80%
Instagram Marketing75%

Designing Skills

Adobe Illustrator50%
UI Designing60%
Video Editing65%

Digital Marketing Consultant in Visakhapatnam

If you're looking for a Digital Marketing consultant in Visakhapatnam, I can genuinely help you with One on One Zoom Consultancy. I will advise you with these general things which benefit you to gain more information about Digital Marketing.

  • Career in Digital Marketing

  • How blogging will help you to got job

  • Importance of Digital Marketing for your Business

  • SEO Strategies for your Business or Blog


Digital Marketing Expert in Andhra Pradesh

I can confidently tell you that I'm one of the best Digital Marketing Expert in Andhra Pradesh with 5 Years of Experience. I'm well known as a Blogging expert on Instagram, where I share my Knowledge on Blogging.

I have left the blogging field in 2017, where I used to blog about the Latest technology and gadgets. I made good money with that blog. But unfortunately, I lost my blog with random bot attacks. I have done many experiments in that word press blog. Unknowingly, I have opened a way to bot attacks, which later left me with regrets.

I promise myself that I will get back to blogging by 2020 because I released that I have to explore more in Digital Marketing. Started digging deep into one of the leading Digital Marketing branch, Social Media Marketing.

I have explored everything on Social Media Marketing and became an expert in Facebook Marketing. I have run many successful ad campaigning, which brought good sales to my clients and for my business.

Today I'm in a stage where I can explain everything about Digital Marketing with ease. The experience I have, The knowledge I gained made me one of the Digital Marketing Expert in Andhra Pradesh.

Social Media Expert from Andhra Pradesh

My life went a bit unusual without my blog. I have spent most of my time researching the new changes in technologies, newly arrived gadget products in the market. A sudden bot attack on my blog made me depressed. It took me one week to come out of depression.

I started thinking about other branches of Digital Marketing that I have to master. Blogging will always be my expert area, but at the same time, I realised that I need to learn more about digital marketing. So i decided to explore every other subject on digital marketing which are left to explore.


From 2017 to June, I started learning Social Media Marketing. It took me three years to reach the expert level on social media marketing. Today, I'm an expert on Facebook and Instagram Marketing. I have run many successful ad campaigns on Facebook to my clients, which brought them a good number of leads.

I started growing organic followers on instagram with some hashtag techniques. My Instagram profile registered 300+ organic followers in just 45days without using any shoutouts and promotions. I'm using the same methods to my clients to improve their profile visitors and reach in an organic process.

I have improved my friend's instagram profile, where he shares his knowledge of Civil Engineering with all the experience he earned in these five years. Post reach, Post engagement improved a lot compared to the previous posts. I have shared some Hashtag techniques, which brought him some new organic followers for his account civilengg_with_aj.


Digital Marketing Day in Visakhapatnam

I have conducted Digital Marketing Day in Visakhapatnam in the year 2018, Dec 16th. I always wanted to share my experience and expertise in digital marketing with others. DMD 2018 is where everyone came to know that I'm one of the best Digital Marketer in the city Visakhapatnam.

DMD is nothing but Digital Marketing Day initiated by Sorav Jain on Dec 16th, 2018. I have taken responsibility from my city Visakhapatnam to be the part of this World's first-ever Digital Marketing Day happening in India.

I take this proposal to Mr. Sudheer, CEO of Dhunis Technology, where he accepted the plan and made the process very fast. We have started a Club called Digi Idols, where we can have all Digital Marketers from Vizag in one place.

I have taken care of inviting speakers, and Sudheer helps me to reach out to the best Digital Marketers in Vizag. The event went according to the plan, and we have almost 60+ registration for the event.

We have 5 Speakers for the event, and I'm one of them. Here is the list of Speakers for DMD Visakhapatnam

  • G. Rakesh Chandra (Facebook Ad Expert)

  • Urs Vishnu (Expert in Blogging)

  • P. Ratnakar (Expert in SEO)

  • G. Sravani (Google Ad Expert)

  • Mojesh (Content Marketing Expert)


The event went very successfully. Attendees are well satisfied with the content we delivered. I wish to conduct more such activities in Visakhapatnam and make aware of Digital Marketing to all Digital Marketing aspirants from my city.

Social Media Day in Visakhapatnam

I have also Conducted Social Media Day in Visakhapatnam with Rakesh Founder and CEO of Funnel Medium. My company LIRC Digital Collaborated with Funnel Medium on the same day and conducted our 1st ever Social Media Day in Visakhapatnam.

Social Media Day is generally celebrated in other parts of the World. But in 2019, we Social Media Marketers took a stand to conduct this day on a larger scale. Mrs. Snehal Chandak Social Media Marketer from Pune took responsibility for this event.


Almost every city in India celebrated Social Media Day and made it a successful event after Digital Marketing Day. In Visakhapatnam, we got nearly 30+ registrations only through online campaigning.

We have 3 speakers who are experts in Social Media Marketing in the city, Visakhapatnam.

  • G. Rakesh Chandra (Facebook Lead Generation Expert)

  • A. Kishan (Expert in Branding)

  • Urs Vishnu (Expert in Social Media Strategist)


The event went very successfully. Attendees are well satisfied with the content we delivered. I wish to conduct more such activities in Visakhapatnam and make aware of Digital Marketing to all Digital Marketing aspirants from my city.

Huh!! That's my long Digital Marketing Journey. Nothing left to hide, that all you need to know. If you have reached this end, you would probably have read everything on this page. Thanks for your time and patience. I will share my knowledge on digital marketing in this blog and guide you in the right way, which leads to your destiny.

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