Interviews with Urs Vishnu

Once I have attended a social media summit, and there I have seen his creative presentation with many eye-catchy images, and his presentation slides were easily understandable. His works are outstanding, I'm always excited to see his creatives posts. I read his blogs regularly, which are very informative, and the best part is he still keeps the content clear and crisp. He helps and supports other digital marketers, too, in chasing their goals. He has a fantastic personality within and out.

Sukesh, Digital Marketing Intern

I know Vishnu from past 3 years and went for a alternate career suggestion. He suggested me Digital Marketing. I learned it from him and now I'm ready to join in job soon after my Btech. Thing is am earning money through Digital Marketing. Many Thanks to Vishnu for giving me an opportunity to pay my own bills.

Lokesh, Raghu Collage Student

I have no idea about digital marketing. But after enrolling in Vishnu sir's class, I came to understand the structure of digital marketing and social media marketing. I have scored 40/40 in the final test. All this is because of the Vishnu sirs class. Thank you for the opportunity

Mehar, SVLN Degree College

I get trained under Vishnu, sir, in the digital marketing topics. I lend how to create a blog, how to do SEO for the blog and website. I learned through a practical method. Vishnu sir, is very gentle in revising the topic twice. He is very friendly with all trainees. Happy to get trained under Vishnu, sir. I scored 35/40 in the final test.

Sunitha, SVLN Degree College

I'm a Digital Marketing Student of Vishnu, Sir. I dont know about Social Media marketing, and I use Facebook and Instagram just for chatting with my friends and family members. After learning about Social media marketing, I'm confident about Facebook ads. I have scored 39/40 in the final test. Thank you, Vishnu, sir, for guiding me Digital Marketing.

Raju, SVLN Degree College Student

I'm Saiteja Final year Student of SVLN Degree College. I don't know what is digital marketing. One day my college conduct digital marketing classes. I attended a few teachings of Vishnu sir, where I learned about what is digital marketing and Concept of Basic SEO and Youtube. Now I create my own YouTube channel and sharing my knowledge on commerce to the other people. Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us.

Saiteja, Digital Marketing Student

I have learnt SEO and Blogging from Vishnu Vardhan, sir. The way he said is genuinely un-believable. Thanks for your time and motivation form people like us. With this, we gained knowledge and confidence to crack Digital Marketing Interview.

Pramya, SVLN Degree College Student